Keeping your car clean and presentable can be a difficult and time consuming process. You either go at it yourself with a bucket of cold, filthy water and some fairy liquid or spend hours looking for a car wash that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The new start-up Dropless solves this problem for those living in South West London with their waterless, on-demand car washing service. A simple online booking system means all you have to do is let Dropless know where your car is parked and one of their washers will head over and give it an expert clean – you don’t even have to be there while they wash it!


Dropless also offer interior cleaning that includes a deep vacuum of your entire car along with polishing your dashboard and even cleaning the door frames of your car. What’s more they’ll leave you an air freshener, free of charge.

Several busy parents regularly use Dropless as it’s a hassle-free way to tick a big task off the ‘to do’ list by doing no more than booking a wash online.

If you worry about water waste when cleaning your car then Dropless can wash away this concern. The new waterless cleaning technique the washers use – which features special cleaning agents that breakdown and remove dirt from your car without using water – saves up to 300 litres per wash. Not only is this more environmentally friendly than regular car washes, but also means cars can be washed anywhere as there is no water runoff.


Dropless is a small business founded in South West London. The founders, Mike and Christian, care about both the larger environmental issue of excessive water use as well as more localised pollution. That’s why many Dropless washers are able to travel to their clients’ car via bike, helping London become a cleaner place in every sense.

Thousands of cars in South West London have already enjoyed the Dropless treatment. The cleaning process is so professional and efficient that several businesses have also partnered with Dropless to have their employees’ cars cleaned while they work.

Dropless founders Mike and Christian

Dropless founders Mike and Christian

Several unregulated hand car washes operate in South West London, however these can be a pain to find, don’t offer a premium wash and on occasion have been known to mistreat and underpay their employees. Dropless washers are professionals, come to you, wash your car properly, and are available on demand. Perhaps most importantly, you can book a wash with nothing more than your phone, and go about your day knowing your car is receiving a decent clean and at no cost to the environment.


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