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When things need to change…Sometimes life gets so busy with the children, the holidays, the family, the house and all the zillions of other things – that we wonder how on earth we could manage to fit in a little “me” time, or a personal project…But sometimes the urge to have that space of personal growth is so strong, that you know you will have to do something about it.


Is it time to go back to work? Do you need to explore your motivation to go back? How are you going to make a return to professional life a successful one? What is your work life balance and how will you find it? How are you going to tap into your “forgotten” expertise and strengths to make it work?

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Enter Barbara Dewast, a lovely and friendly career coach and mother of 3, who has lived locally for over a decade. She has addressed these questions to several local women, who started by sharing the need to redefine their personal purpose and who mentioned the urge to build their confidence and to feel useful in something big or small. For some it meant a return to professional life, but for others it came with setting up something new, a small start up, from home and with flexible time. The kitchen table start-up which may end up a major high-end business. They agreed that even knowing they would be stretched they needed to shift things and change their current status quo, to reconnect with some sense of purpose.

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Barbara is organising a “Back to Work Workshop “ on 13 November 2018 at the Fresh Ground, by the junction of Northcote road and Battersea Rise, and we thought this was perfect! She is creating a safe space during 1.5 hours, for people to explore what is important to them, and how they could create that new professional life for themselves. She uses practical tools that the participants can take home and apply in their everyday life. Those who join will leverage the session to set achievable personal goals and help create a smooth transition.

She is offering a 20% discount to the 1st 10 Clapham mums who sign up – £16 to get you back on track – definitely a small but worthwhile investment! Sign up here for the workshop.


Barbara is offering Clapham Mums the first conversation for free, a great way to sample coaching. If you book a 3-month course within 7 days of this free session Barbara will offer 2 additional sessions for free – so you can get 8 coaching sessions for the price of 6!





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