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If you are like me, I dread Sunday because it’s the day where I sit down to plan out the next week of activities for my son. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I don’t absolutely love taking him to every baby swim, music and sensory class offered within a 5-mile radius of the Common. It’s just that as a new mum, I barely have enough time to brush my hair, let alone scour through the various neighbourhood community centre websites to check their activity calendars and timings for each week.

And then I found ToddlePass

If you aren’t familiar with ToddlePass –  it’s basically ClassPass, but for the little ones. In one word, it’s genius…and will no doubt become your new best friend.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the premise behind ToddlePass, it’s an online booking system which shows you the latest kids’ classes happening in your hood and surrounding areas from a wide range of providers, which you can easily book –  just by the push of a button! Mums, it’s even easier than booking your spin bike at your local gym –  no joke. In addition to it being super easy for you to navigate on the go, it offers kids the chance to try out a variety of classes ranging from arts & crafts to sports activities starting from 0 to 6 years of age.

So, how do you get started?

Visit ToddlePass to sign up and become a member. Members book classes using ToddlePass tokens. Simple.

Browse. Choose from hundreds of classes available every week.

Book. No phone calls or emails. Book at the push of a button.

Attend. Turn up to classes and enjoy! Watch your kids learn and grow.


What are the benefits for parents?

Convenience. Members can choose from hundreds of classes from the best providers and book at your own leisure. Each provider is vetted by a member of the ToddlePass team.

Flexibility. There are no commitments. Members can cancel classes up to 24 hours in advance and cancel or pause your membership at any time.

Savings. Members can save up to 50% off regular class prices by booking through ToddlePass as opposed to booking directly with each provider.


As a Clapham Mums card member – ToddlePass is offering you

75% off your first month *valid on either a Base or Value Plan purchase

Just use the Promo Code: ClaphamMums when booking online


To find out more and browse the amazing list of providers near you –  head to the ToddlePass FAQs section, where they have basically covered off any question you could possibly think of.

Have fun!

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