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Like many other mums, here at Clapham Mums HQ, I set about weaning with the best of intentions. Only organic produce, made from scratch myself – it didn’t matter that I was slaving away over steamers, pressure cookers and blenders for longer than it would take me to prepare a cordon bleu dinner party for  6.   With baby 2 on the way, by the time I am weaning for the second time and chasing after a very busy 3 year old, I am likely to be looking for some serious help in this department.

So you can imagine that I am thrilled to have come across KiddieCubes, because this marvellous new product is coming to the rescue of parents everywhere. They are 100% organic, natural, frozen little cubes of goodness which wean babies onto solids in a totally healthy, tasty and wholesome way but without the pressure of peeling, chopping, steaming and blending (phew!). A bag of KiddieCubes contains 12 frozen cubes (each cube is 25g) of baby food that are just like homemade. For the first time, these cubes are now available nationwide through Ocado.com and soon in all of Cook’s 80 stores as well as online from www.Cookfood.net.

KiddieCubes do all the hard work for us parents, preparing perfect purees just the way they’d make at home, without any ‘nasties’. Unlike jars and pouches, they are not severely heat treated; meaning KiddieCubes taste and smell like real food and retain all of their nutritional value. Each puree is frozen into 25g cubes, the equivalent of one tablespoon, allowing portion sizes to be increased at a steady constant rate. All parents have to do is simply heat the cube in a microwave or on the hob for a few seconds to get spoonfuls of goodness without the fuss.

The KiddieCubes range includes 14 delicious products for little ones, designed for both stage one and stage two of the weaning process. Stage one meals, created for babies aged four months plus, include Purely Apple & Pear Purée; Purely Apple, Blueberry & Apricot Purée; Purely Mango & Apple Purée; Purely Peach & Pear Purée; Purely Apple & Prune Purée; Eat Your Green Veg Mix; and Really Rooty Veg Mix. Second stage meals, created for babies seven months plus, include Hearty Chicken & Veg Hot Pot; Creamy Fishman’s Pie; Veggies & Lovely Lentils; Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese; Very Veggie Lamb Casserole, Creamy Porridge and Creamy Porridge Goes Bananas.

KiddieCubes founder Issy Langly-Smith tells us that, “As a mother and nutritional therapist my friends would often come to me for advice on weaning as they really struggled with the process, finding it tedious and often unrewarding when their babies rejected the food. My nutritional background helped me really understand the importance of a balanced meal and I love cooking, so relished weaning experience with my three children (except the clearing up under the high chair!). This acted as the motivation to create the weaning “Holy Grail”, a product that helped other mums offer their babies all the taste and nutritional benefits of traditional weaning, but without the hassle or hours of cooking and pureeing.”

KiddieCubes are available on Ocado.com and on Cookfood.net. The RRP for a bag of 12 cubes is from £3.49. You will also soon be able to pick KiddieCubes up in at the fabulous COOK store on Abbeville Road – who also deliver! Hallelujah !

More information can be found on www.kiddiecubes.com

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