Clapham Common

Clapham Common is one of London’s biggest open spaces and we’re so lucky to have it right here on our doorsteps.

When you have children it’s inevitable you’ll view where you live in a very different way. Clapham Common is one place you can explore as your children grow up and never get bored as you discover the many child-friendly facets across the width and breadth of this beautiful green space.

If you haven’t thoroughly explored this fabulous place already, let’s give you a few pointers;

There are three ponds: Eagle Pond and Mount Pond are used for fishing, and Mount Pond is the best place to feed the ducks. Long Pond, meanwhile, is where you can go to watch the model boating, which the kids love.

There are two playgrounds, the biggest by the Windmill Pub and a smaller one by Battersea Rise. The Windmill Pub playground is packed with plenty of swings and climbing frames for babies, toddlers and older children, as well as an abundance of wobbly characters to ride on, round abouts and a big sand pit. The Battersea rise playground offers an equally fun-packed location and it’s great for little ones just starting to walk as there are fewer older kids running around.

The Common also plays host to one of the many One O’Clock Clubs in the area (see separate article). It’s for parents and carers with children under five and there’s no charge or registration — just drop in. Children can play with sand, paint, water, slides and climbing frames, games and books. There is also a fenced grassy area and play leaders who will help the children.

Clapham Common also has a historic bandstand, which was restored to its former glory a few years ago. Needless to say, it’s a real focal point and makes a great meeting place. Plus the kids adore running in and out and riding scooters down the steep sides.

La Baita, is the hugely popular Italian café right next to the bandstand. Decent café food, really friendly, helpful staff and lots of high-chairs available … oh, and amazing ice cream!

Loads of events take place throughout the year, particularly in the Summer, with fairs and music – there always seems to be something going on! We love the common: it puts the heart into Clapham!

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